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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

San Francisco cops don't learn from the 49'ers...

Earlier this year, the San Francisco 49'ers gained national exposure when a "training tape" that was supposed to be kept in house leaked out to local news media outlets. The video depicted 49'ers players in several skits that had racist and sexist overtones.

Apparently, the San Francisco Police Department didn't get the message that videos like this are frowned upon. Tonight, there are reports that over 20 SFPD officers will be suspended in the wake of the discovery of a tape that indulges in the same kind of "humor" that got the 49'ers into trouble. SFPD Chief Heather Fong said today was, "an extremely dark day -- in the history of the San Francisco Police Department".

The fallout from this should be immediate. Mayor Gavin Newsome has called for a blue-ribbon panel to investigate the matter.

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  • "Shoot Your Gun" 20-20's (Bluesy Brit Rock)
  • "Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do" Goldie Lookin Chain (I don't if these guys are setting out to be the British verison of the Beastie Boys, but that's their vibe)
  • "El Chupa Nibre" Danger Doom (The Danger Doom team - rapper MF Doom and DJ Danger Mouse - are freaking great. The album contains all kinds of odd references (Destro and Hasbro, anyone?) as well as samples from the Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" shows. Great beats and a hilarious listen.)

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The Boondocks (The animated version of Aaron McGruder's acclaimed comic strip is groundbreaking. Liberal use of the "n" word are among the many things that stand out about this "cartoon". The "Trial of R. Kelly" episode was a riot..."R.Kelly may have pissed on that girl, but America pissed on R. Kelly!")

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Lifehacker is a great site for all kinds of ways to improve your life. Be it with cool personal organization tips, ways to improve your on-line experience, or with interesting links to other sites that might be under the radar, it's a great resource for anybody looking to make things in their life more simple.